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I don’t think I ever really remembered thinking that I needed help. My business was going fairly well, we were profitable and had a few staff. I was happy.

Then I came across growth mentoring through a lady I met at a networking event. The lady was Amanda Meachin of Community & Business Partners and the experience really did change the whole perspective I have on my own, and other, businesses.

Not long after meeting with Amanda I was appointed a mentor who was due to come and give me some ‘support, advice’ maybe a bit of coaching, I wasn’t actually that sure.

However, as soon as I met my mentor something clicked and whatever I was expecting wasn’t that relevant. What was relevant was the way a 50 something man dressed casually, speaking clearly and concisely, weighed up my 5 year old business in about 15 minutes.

I couldn’t believe it. I’d actually met someone who was psychic, had a higher level of knowledge – a superhuman? NO – I’d met someone who was a little older, a lot wiser and much more experienced. A successful businessman and I knew I was going to listen to every word he said.

He shared his knowledge on that day and some of what I learnt I use every single day. Moving forward we now work together on some really interesting projects. He still supports me and my business partner way beyond the 12 hours of support we were promised.

Here’s one thing I really don’t understand – why doesn’t every business have a mentor? To be honest, I’d be quite happy to pay for one… but through Boost’s Growth Mentoring scheme they are totally free of charge!

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Boost Business Lancashire offers a growth mentoring programme matching business owners with experienced entrepreneurs. To apply for a place on the programme, complete our online form or call 0800 488 0057.


Morgan Rothwell, director of D&M Creative Ltd.

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