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Are you an SME leader based in Lancashire who is looking to develop and grow your business?

Join the funded Boost Peer Networks programme which will help you overcome business challenges, learn and build a trusted network.

Peer Networks is a national peer-to-peer networking programme for SME leaders that want to grow and develop their organisation.

Delivered in Lancashire by Boost, we create diverse cohort groups of individuals to collaboratively work through common business issues.

The funded service includes interactive action learning, trained facilitators, small groups, flexible topic selection and one to one coaching.

Peer Networks is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in response to a commitment made in the 2019 Business Productivity Review.

Peer Networks will take place from September 2021 – March 2022 and follows a successful Peer Networks pilot programme which ran from October 2020 – March 2021.

Boost has chosen 12 private sector delivery partners who will work with us to facilitate 25 Peer Networks cohorts.

The 12 organisations we have chosen to deliver Peer Networks in Lancashire are below:

  • Business Information Group
  • Community & Business Partners CIC
  • Elementas
  • The Growing Club CIC
  • Growth Lancashire
  • IBD Business Advice Group
  • Marketing Lancashire
  • North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce
  • Northern Automotive Alliance
  • Scale-Ability
  • Shout Network
  • Winning Pitch

Our Peer Network programmes

  • Business Information Group: Hospitality

    Who is it for? Hotels, restaurants, public houses, events and facilities operators.

    Features: Open discussions with likeminded individuals to develop resilience, confidence and awareness of what is required to drive continuity and growth. The group will also create an ongoing support network.

  • Business Information Group: Leisure

    Who is it for? Gyms, spas, sports facilities, clubs and cafes.

    Features: Open discussions with likeminded individuals to develop resilience, confidence and awareness of what is required to drive continuity and growth. The group will also create an ongoing support network.

  • Business Information Group: Travel and tourism

    Who is it for? Tour operators, travel agents, landmark facilities operators as well as holiday parks and facilities operators.

    Features: Open discussions with likeminded individuals to develop resilience, confidence and awareness of what is required to drive continuity and growth. The group will also create an ongoing support network.

  • Community and Business Partners

    Features: The group is open to all eligible businesses. There will be an underlying theme of growth and strategy but relevant, current and individual issues will be discussed according to business priorities.

  • Community and Business Partners: Improving productivity

    This group will help business leaders to improve productivity and efficiencies. It is open to all industries but with a focus specifically on improving productivity within the workforce and through systems and processes.

  • Elementas: Resilience and wellness

    Who is it for? Owner-managers seeking effective ways to strengthen their personal and organisation wellness and resilience.

    Features: It’s time to grow your organisation’s resilience and wellness. Energy follows focus. Experience calm focus, authentic communication, new ways to solve problems, reduce stress and lead. Enjoy group connections, trusted expertise, knowledge and shared wisdom.

  • Growth Lancashire

    Features: An opportunity to problem solve, support, collaborate and learn alongside business owners from different sectors

    Get answers to problems, opportunities and challenges from other business owners to enable you to enhance performance in an ever-changing environment. Share your experiences with the group and have dedicated one-to-one time to focus on your specific needs facilitated by our expert team.

  • IBD Business Advice: Business agility post-Covid

    Who is it for? SMEs who struggled during Covid-19, want to accelerate their ability to change direction within their market or develop products/services faster to meet opportunities.

    Features: Businesses will learn to: identify how to turn threats into opportunities, be more innovative and resilient; improve customer satisfaction and differentiate themselves from their competition; achieve faster product/service development and delivery to stay ahead of market changes

  • IBD Business Advice: Sales, social and customer experience

    Who is it for? Businesses who want to attract new customers, accelerate sales, improve customer experience and increase Net Promoter Score.

    Features: Businesses will learn how to: improve customers engagement to increase satisfaction ratings; differentiate the business from the competition; identify new market opportunities to increase sales; use social media effectively to engage new and existing customers and make them your best marketing channel

  • Marketing Lancashire: Tourism, leisure and hospitality

    Who is it for? Senior leaders from SMEs in the tourism, leisure and hospitality sector that want to grow and develop their organisation for future success

    Features: You will build a trusted network of fellow business leaders to create tangible solutions to the real issues your business is facing. You’ll also gain the latest sector insights and ideas to hot topics and common challenges and receive 1:1 business coaching tailored to your specific needs.

  • North & Western Lancashire Chamber: Introduction to exporting

    Who is it for? Businesses in any sector with an aspiration to grow within the same markets or by diversifying into new markets.

    Features: The programme will provide clarity on leaders’ growth journey, confidence in taking the next steps, answers and solutions to their current challenges, a broadening of their networks and connections to help facilitate growth.

  • North & Western Lancashire Chamber: Powerful PR and positioning

    Who is it for? For SME business owner managers that want to reach, connect with, and positively influence new audiences using the power of PR.

    Features: Gain an understanding of the powerful role PR can play in raising brand awareness, establishing credibility and building trust among stakeholders. Understand how it can shape perception and its role in defending reputations in a scandal or crisis.

  • North & Western Lancashire Chamber: Sales and marketing

    Who is it for? Ambitious companies looking to grow sales, profit and capital value, while enhancing their brand and reputation in their chosen marketplaces.

    Features: Insight into how to apply marketing techniques through channels that work in a chosen sector, together with practical help in establishing process flows to control enhanced sales and vital understanding of how sales interact with the rest of a business.

  • Northern Automotive Alliance: Growth and sustainability

    Who is it for? Automotive, advanced engineering and manufacturing companies

    Features: The programme is designed to explore how leaders can futureproof their businesses through growth opportunities and the use of advanced technology to support the transition to a low carbon economy.

  • Shout Network

    Who is it for? Suited to creative, professional, digital and hospitality sectors, but all sectors welcome.

    Features: Participants will meet with likeminded business owner/managers to share knowledge and experience whilst learning how to overcome challenges.

  • The Growing Club: Lancashire women leaders

    Who is it for? Lancashire women leaders

    Features: This is an opportunity to take time out with other women leaders, your peers, to explore relevant issues together, in a facilitated safe and supportive environment, using action learning.

  • Winning Pitch: Growth focus

    This programme will be especially relevant for business leaders who:

    • Need support, help and advice about how to handle key critical issues
    • Need their people to show initiative to move the business forward
    • Need help navigating new initiatives or maximising return from deals
    • Want to look forwardto benefit from opportunities and mitigate risks
    • Need to improve the blend of business and pleasure in their lives
  • Winning Pitch: Improve processes and implement LEAN for growth

    Who is it for? Business leaders who want to measure, improve and control processes, resulting in fewer defects from the customer’s point of view.

    Features: The programme will develop a greater understanding of how to improve processes and increase productivity, whilst using lean tools and techniques to implement a continuous improvement culture.

  • Winning Pitch: Leadership centred around growth

    Who is it for? As we emerge from a time of huge uncertainty, disruption and frustration, the foundations of many businesses have been shaken. We may feel pressured to build as quickly as possible.  Bringing our employees back into the fold, finding new markets, increasing profits to service debts our businesses have accumulated.

    By creating safe spaces and asking thoughtful questions that enable leaders to reflect deeply on their experiences and find their own ways to lead with integrity and compassion. Enabling you to reflect on how you can best lead your teams, in a confidential peer group setting.

The programme is available to any SME business that has:

Operated for at least one year

At least five employees

A turnover of at least £100,000

A passion for growth

If you would like to find out more information about one of our current Peer Network programmes, please call the Boost Relationship Management team

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